Home staging tips for sellers

Preparing your home for sale shouldn’t be a headache. If the property is your main residence, chances are very little will need to be done to get your property ready for viewers.

Nevertheless, there is usually some uncertainty about how to prepare for a viewing. Should you be present? Will baking bread and putting on a fresh pot of coffee help? Here are some essential home-staging tips to ensure that your viewings go without a hitch.

Home Staging Tips 1

1. Boost your kerb appeal

First impressions count. If your building’s exterior is looking worn, your viewers will be the first to notice – and it may cloud their view of the rest of your home.

Patch up any problem areas with a lick of paint. If that’s not possible, you’ll be amazed at the difference hanging baskets and a few planters can make to the kerb appeal of your home.

2. Make your viewings about the viewer

You want your buyer to feel completely free to explore your home as if it were their own – after all, if all goes according to plan, hopefully it soon will be. This is why it’s important to let your viewer take the lead during viewings.

Allow your buyer to enter a room ahead of you so they can appreciate the full scope of a room without you in it. In short, see your home through the eyes of your buyer and give them free reign to explore the property as they’d like to.

3. Finish those odd jobs

Look around. Is there something you’ve been meaning to fix at home but just haven’t managed to get around to yet?

Now’s the time to make sure all of those odd jobs around the house are taken care of – clean your windows and descale your taps. After all, you don’t want to give your buyer any reason not to make an offer.

4. Tidy up and have a clear out

This may sound obvious, but you’ll be surprised by the number of sellers who don’t give their homes a thorough once-over before a viewing.

Ensure your property is clean, tidy and free from clutter and ideally, put your pets out – not everyone is a cat or dog person.

Ensure your property is clean, tidy and free from clutter and ideally, put your pets out – not everyone is a cat or dog person.

Putting your home on the market is a great excuse for a clear out. Keep personal items, such as ornaments and photo frames, to a minimum. Buyers like to picture their own belongings in place during a viewing and too many of your personal items can detract from this.

5. Turn on every light

Turning on every light before a viewing really does work. Buyers are attracted to bright and airy properties. What’s more, 60% of viewings occur outside of office hours so there’s a chance you won’t benefit from natural daylight.

Ahead of your viewing, check that the lights are on in every room. If the space still seems dark, invest in some inexpensive lighting solutions – such as additional lamps – which can be surprisingly effective.

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